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Nothing New Under The Sun

Blog # 6

Hello Dear Friends!

We are very close to spring 2023!

I have not blogged in a very long time.

I have not been traveling the world with photographs to share from exotic places.

My apologies...

I have been traversing the deep inner spaces of reflection however , on my quest for true healing.

In September I turned 65. My condition from chronic Lyme and all of its mysterious symptoms had improved somewhat through ongoing acupuncture, Chinese herbs, my macrobiotic diet, and prayer, although my energy levels were still a far cry from "normal", at least my normal.

Winter arrived, and without going into the specifics, I was living in a surreal world of Little House On The Prairie meets Kung Fu meets Gandalf's time as Saruman's prisoner on the top of the tower.

I wish I was exaggerating here, but if you know me well, then you know this is an accurate account.

Just into the new year, full of hope and resolution for a year of total healing, I went to a women's sweat lodge. This is a wonderful time of communion & prayer as well as a cleansing of body, mind, and spirit. We are a small group of women and very supportive of one another.

Just near the end of the lodge, I went to sit up and the world began to spin. I shared this with my friends and crawled outside to the cold air hoping to be "revived" and brought back into balance.

I remained "wonky" but thought the worst was over.

I was so wrong about that.

Again, the details that followed are ugly & painful, and I would not wish this upon anyone.

Suffice it to say there was a lot of vomiting, crying, and near despair, ongoing.

Slowly, I went from severe vertigo 24/7 for several weeks, to just afternoons & all night for several more weeks, to just nights.

Desperate times call for desperate measures indeed.

I took a deep dive into all the the most recent research & protocols for Lyme.

As usual I saw that I was not alone in many extreme symptoms I had experienced.

I was really excited to read stories of complete healing!

Across the board it was recommended to begin with water fasting to reset my entire system.

As a person who helps others heal, I am familiar with many forms of fasting & cleansing but had not done so since Lyme had entered the scene. I suppose I felt too weak and thought it would deplete me.

Well, as the saying goes, in circles of believers, God is good!

The Divine design is miraculous!

96 hours of water fasting, followed by 2 days of juicing & then adding smoothies & slowly incorporating the macrobiotic healing phase foods, 10 days later, the vertigo was GONE!

There are other herbal protocols I am also using and I am happy to share some of that with those who are interested.

Of course this is just one symptom cleared and only the beginning of a deeper healing of the Lyme damage and the chronic dormant Lyme in my system, but needless to say, I am encouraged!

Eight years I have been enduring this and I will commit myself to as long as it may take for total recovery. I am especially happy to be able to assist others with their Lyme related conditions from my first hand experience of this.

Having lived all winter in one room( the surreal world I mentioned earlier), and once again in the unique challenges of "pain & suffering", I became ever more acutely aware of the essentials, the TRUE essentials of life.

What are these true essentials?

Faith, trust, hope, gratitude, & humility through solitude, silence, reflection, prayer, & joyful expression.

There is a celebration happening in the eternal moment and we are all invited to attend!

The requirement for entrance is: surrender!

We must let go of every preconceived notion that has been imposed on us by generations and lifetimes of fear, to come to the stark reality that we as human beings know absolutely nothing, that our soul is the only part of us that has the true "potential" to know & to experience the Mystery of the Divine.

From the Tao Te Ching:

The tao that can be spoken, is not the true Tao...

So, Grasshoppers one and all, with that seed of wisdom that was planted so long ago, let's shed our preconceived notions, expand our perception, tear down the walls of the self made prison of our mind,

As Bob Marley so eloquently stated,

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.”

I am sending you all so much LOVE, not my own inadequate, flawed, sentimental, human love, but the Divine LOVE that is and will always be a Perfect Mystery!


Healing shiitake miso soup with udon

Zen morning porridge with bok choy rose

Roses, always the roses...


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