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NANCY LEE - Old Woman In The Woods


As an avid reader with philosophical tendencies, I had my first love affair with Henry David Thoreau. During our courtship he convinced me that I should join him in being a vegetarian. I was 14 years old. 

When I was 18, on a crisp autumn day in Cambridge (Massachusetts), I saw a sign that read ‘The Last Chance Cafe’. I walked into the rest of my life that day. I had my first miso soup, seaweed salad, brown rice and bancha tea. I returned there for my first of many apprenticeships in the natural foods and herbal remedies world.

Of course food was just the beginning. Macrobiotics (big/grand life) introduced me to the study of the “order of the universe” and the art of Balance. My life work was in front of me.

It is impossible to articulate the richness of the years between that time and now.

My relationship with food has gone from curiosity to exploration. In depth study to intense experience. Flirtation to devotion. Matter to energy.

When working with food in this way, one becomes an alchemist in the truest sense of the word.


It is a way of life for me, foraging,  growing & harvesting herbs and foods to make medicines and beautiful nutritionally balanced meals, simple and elegant, plant based…vegan, macro, raw, Ayurvedic, for individuals and groups and to assist others in many aspects of their outer and inner lives.

As important as it is that this describes what I do, most importantly, it describes who I am, when you are considering someone to assist you with your health, well being, and lifestyle transitions and transformations.

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