ELIXIR’S 21-Day Restorative Cleanse






Enjoy a completely balanced, freshly prepared main meal, every day beginning with miso soup.



Take home fresh pressed juices, smoothie, herbal infusion, hearty soup w/greens.

(You will only have to prepare warm lemon water

in the morning and before dinner.)


Everything is freshly & intentionally prepared 

using 100% organic ingredients!



It takes 21 days to create a new habit.

To create the changes we want in our lives,

we often need support.




 During this 21 day period, everything is prepared for you so you can concentrate on the process and not get bogged down with the shopping, planning & preparation, which is usually why people are challenged in staying with and completing a cleanse.


The consultation helps to determine what specific needs may have to be addressed during the 21 days and provides guidelines and practical daily external treatments to support the body during the 21 days. 


In addition to the consultation, 15 minute calls are available to go over any questions once a week.




Some of the results you can look forward to are:

* Weight Regulation

*Bowel Regulation

*More Energy

*More Clarity

*Deeper Sleep

*Pain Reduction

*Skin and Hair Improvements

*Better Life Balance

*Changing Perspective on Life






Consultation: $300.

The consultation is an hour and a half and also includes a half hour follow up, 2, 15 minute phone consults, printed guidelines, and ongoing support throughout the cleanse.


21 days of comprehensive, restorative nutrition:


herbal infusions 


main meals including soup + tea

dinner soups w/greens

$2100. ($100. per day)


Total Package: $2400.





















For more testimonials, see our website www.elixirgb.com

To set up your consultation, contact us at:

organictearoom@gmail.com or call 413.644.8999

Erika Cleanse.jpg


Engineer, Great Barrington

A cleanse with NancyLee at Elixir is a completely holistic and nurturing experience. Other cleanses I’ve done stripped my body of everything, but Nancy’s program nourished, healed and rebuilt it. My body felt so good!  I felt clear, grounded and present. I was most surprised by how much emotional cleansing and empowerment came along with this process as well. While it was challenging at first to make the decision to invest in myself and my health at this level, I now feel it was one of the most important investments I could ever make. I realize that without caring for myself well, I’m not enabling myself to care for anyone or anything else well either! I highly recommend you make space in your life for this and see where it leads you!