Dear Friends Of ELIXIR

    During this surreal world event that we are all experiencing, it is most important to stay centered and to keep our immune system strong so that we are not pulled into the chaos.

    Fear and anxiety are known to weaken the immune system.

What we take in is of utmost importance for creating a strong body & sound mind.

    This means not only the food we take in, but also other things as well such as fresh air & sunshine, music, and in a less positive way, news and social media that can overwhelm us with negativity.

    If we can keep ourselves intelligently informed ( perhaps with just one daily report) and use caution when we must go to public places, this time can be an opportunity for rest, reflection, completing projects, reading and a number of other activities that most of us have little time for when all is "up & running" in the world.

    We in the restaurant/cafe life, have been directed to stay closed now for another month at least, with a possible reopening May 4th.

    That said, after regrouping and getting myself into the centered place that I have described, I have the plan to prep all day on Thursdays, cook & bake Friday mornings, and put together orders for

                                                                FRIDAY PICK UP 

            PLACE YOUR ORDER in a Elixir's facebook message or by calling 413.644.8999

                                                          Wednesday or Thursday

                    PAY via or pay by credit card over the phone or by

                                             cash in an envelope when you pick up

                                    We will have your order marked with your name outside

                                                on one of our tables at the agreed time.

                                      Delivery & free soup to those truly in need (shut ins and elderly)

                                      please let us know if this apply's to you or someone you know


                                         Wishing you all health and inner peace during this crisis!

                                                                 LOVE & BLESSINGS!

                                                         NancyLee chef/owner ELIXIR


                                                               Healing Main Meal   25

             grain, bean, vegetables, greens, ferment, greens, gomasio, pumpkin seeds


                                                                Noodles In Broth  20

   choose udon or soba noodles in shiitake ginger broth with matchstick carrots & scallions

                                                            Vegetable Puree Soup   15

                                                               Hearty Bean or Legume Soup   18

                                                               Medicinal Miso Soup   20

                                                               Curried Jasmine Rice   20

                                                           Black Bean Basmati Rice   20

                                                     Sesame Ginger Stir Fried Rice   20

                                                                8oz CONTAINERS 

                                                                       hummus 8

                                                                      tofu salad 9

                                                                   tempeh salad 9

                                                              black bean spread 8

                                                                   pinto bean dip 8

                                                                       sea salad  9

                                                          sesame ginger noodles 9

                                                                       side of rice 4

                                                               side of flavored rice 6

      naturally sweetened spelt scones, pain au chocolat, cookies(2), & blueberry muffins  4