2PM - 4PM

                                                           CASHEW CHEESE PLATE  18.
          2 types of cashew cheese, nuts, dried fruits, & a drizzle of apricot with gluten free rice crackers
                                                             HUMMUS PLATE 15.
   hummus with triangle toasts, carrot & radish slices, roasted pumpkin seeds,herbed olive oil & lemon
                                                        BLACK BEAN QUESADILLA 15.
                     cumin refried black beans in corn tortillas with salsa fresca & cashew sour cream
                                                        VEGETABLE NORI MAKI 15.
                                  brown rice, tempeh, cucumber, avocado, umeboshi paste 
SNACKS 10. choose 3 /15.
cashew cheese toasts
roasted nuts(tamari almonds, curried cashews, cayenne cashews)
kales chips
popcorn with coconut oil, savory herbs & nutritional yeast
mixed olives