We believe that the healthiest lifestyle places the main meal during mid day .

Our restorative cleanse clients join us every day we are open at noon to enjoy their HEALING MAIN MEAL ...You are welcome to join us for this as well!

Heading 1

                              HEALING MAIN MEAL  25.
grain, bean, greens, vegetables, sea vegetable, fermented                                    vegetable, seeds or nuts or both
                             with miso soup and tea    35.
         Other luncheon options
                                           RICE BOWL  15.
             rice of the day with steamed vegetables over salad
                                              NOODLE BOWL 15.
       Japanese udon or soba noodles in a steaming medicinal mushroom broth
                                   with extra vegetables and tofu 18.
                                        SOUP & BREAD   10.
 choose miso, vegetable puree, or hearty soup with whole rye
                          (gluten free crackers available)
                            OPEN FACED SANDWICH  15.
 choose tofu salad or tempeh salad on whole rye over greens
                             tempeh reuben with kraut  18.