Many of you know that ELIXIR is much more than a vegan restaurant.


Although we are not officially a nonprofit, we consider ourselves to be an endeavor of love, right livelihood, service to our community and ultimately to the world community.


Having entered our 6th year, we have the goal to reach a much wider population with our delicious offerings, by adding a line of prepared foods and beverages for those who would like to bring healthy food back to their workplaces or to their homes.

In addition to reaching a wider scope of people with our high vibrational foods, these new offerings will also help ELIXIR become more financially viable, which in turn will allow us to hire help, to develop our holistic retail wellness products and herbal apothecary, to create our organic permaculture gardens where we will grow our own herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables,  to provide more educational services, and to continue expanding in a healthy way.


Perhaps ELIXIR has inspired you to create a healthier lifestyle, helped or is helping you recover from a serious condition, given you a peaceful, nourishing experience to get through the week, or supported and promoted your work through one of our salons.

Perhaps you simply want to support a small sustainable endeavor because you realize it’s importance!


Here are a few ways that you can now help us in carrying out our vision:



Take out a year’s healing food subscription of $1000 or more.


Pay now, eat all year long.  And earn up to 10% back in delicious healing food credit. 


Subscribe $1000-$3999, get 5% additional credit as our gift back.  Subscribe $4000 or more, get 10% additional credit.


Use your subscription for doing our cleanse, using our catering services, giving gift certificates to friends, or just happily eating your way through the year.


Think of it this way: a $5000 subscription comes out to about 105. a week for a year...and you get 500. of free additional food as our gift back to you. 



Invest an amount of your choice with standard terms and interest with an agreed payback period.



Make a financial donation to support our work in the community.
5% of donations will go to our cleanse fund which is to help offset the cost of offering the cleanse to people who have life threatening conditions and want/need to do the cleanse, but do not have the means.





CONTACT us to discuss ~ email:


NancyLee, Visionary & Creator of ELIXIR