There are so many stories behind the story of ELIXIR.
Much of the story is written in the flavors of the foods, or in the scent of herbs and spices wafting in the air when one first enters this place.
And then there is the love. Yes, truly, the love.
The love for the earth that cradles the seed while it begins to “become,” the love for the seed and the hand of the farmers that sew the seed and labor in the elements, and speak to the plants, while the sun rises and sets on their long day, season after season.
The love of the colors and textures that come with the harvest of each season’s vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs.
The love for the alchemy of salt and sweet and oil, spice and herb.
The love that reaches out from the heart, and through the food, to touch another’s life with nourishment, nurturing, and healing.
The love that connects all beings through this miracle of life that travels from the soil to the kitchen, and on to the ultimate transformation of all.
We use 100% organic ingredients in our preparation of peaceful foods that do not include any animal products.
We choose this way to do our part in lessening the impact on Mother Earth, for our personal health, and the health and well being of all creatures who dwell here.
We have created a quiet haven for solitude and reflection, for visiting with family and friends, and for meeting new people.
We encourage you to ponder the meaning of life over a Zen morning porridge or a pot of Mist In The Mountains tea, to take pleasure in the smiles on the faces of those you meet here, to remember everything that we have to be thankful for, to joyfully reflect on the miracle of food as medicine for the body and for the soul.
Many Blessings!