2PM ~ 4PM

sadly unavailable during the current situation

There are few hours more agreeable than
the hour dedicated to the ceremony known
as afternoon tea ~ Henry Jame
                                                                      ENGLISH TEATIME   35
                                           Soup, tea sandwiches, cakes & pot of afternoon Darjeeling tea
                                                            OYATSU (JAPANESE TEATIME)   35
                                                Miso soup, nori rolls, Japanese sweets, pot of Sencha tea
                                                             DIM SUM (CHINESE TEATIME)   35
                                                                                HIGH TEA 18
                          Traditionally for the working class on their way back from a long day of hard work
                                                      Bowl of hearty soup, crusty bread, & a pot of tea 
                                                                             TEA FOR TWO 24
                                                           Pot of Afternoon tea & scones with jam

 Hot & sour soup, steamed vegetable dumplings with dipping sauce, bean cake, Oolong tea