Bountiful Blessings Bowls

    available Friday, Saturday, & Sunday   noon - 2pm


                                                     brown basmati rice, black beans, avocado, salsa fresca


                           short grain brown rice, marinated tempeh, & kraut


                                               childhood mac & cheese with jack fruit & herb crumb topping


                                                    udon 0r soba noodles, tofu, scallions, sesame ginger sauce


                                                 udon or soba noodles, tomato pesto sauce & pumpkin seeds


                                              brown jasmine rice, seasonal vegetables, green coconut curry sauce


               short grain brown rice, steamed seasonal vegetables, tahini dressing & sunflower seeds


                          udon or soba noodles in sesame ginger mushroom broth with matchstick carrots & scallions


                             curried brown jasmine rice, with currants, cilantro & steamed seasonal vegetables


                                          udon or soba noodles in hot & sour broth with tofu, cilantro, & scallions


                    quinoa, seasonal vegetables, over salad with avocado dressing & pumpkin seeds

                Bountiful Blessings Bowls   20